Baby Proofing Your Home with Best Safety Products and Checklist

how to baby proof
You couldn’t wait for the day to come for your little one to become mobile. You were dying to see the little munchkin start moving. And finally that day has come.


“But wait, i’m not ready!” you scream.


Of course, you being a dude, you wait for the last minute. Your wife told you to start baby proofing the house, but you had better things to do… like watch old TV show reruns. So now you are scrambling to figure out what you need to baby proof the house.


Of course, you could hire a professional to come into your house and baby proof your home (yes, they really do exist!). But you won’t even ask a stranger for directions when you are lost.


It’s ok. Dude, we got you covered.


Below you will find the best baby proofing products needed to keep your baby safe. So lets get started.


Did you know that more than 2 million children are injured in their homes each year? Hopefully you won’t fall into one of those statistics. Thankfully, you’re reading this guide to baby proofing. Your wife, more importantly… your baby – are going to be proud of you.


When preparing for baby proofing, just put yourself at your baby’s point of view. Look at all the hazards around. Things are pretty obvious if you look at it this way. You’ll be able to see many potential dangers. Also remember, that babies put everything in their mouths!


Think of your baby as a real life miniature Pac-Man gobbling everything in its path. So make sure you pick things up.


So now to the good stuff. See below on things you are going to load up on.



There are tons of baby gates to choose from. You need to figure out what the purpose of the gate is for? Do you need to keep your baby confined to a space while you take care of other stuff? Are you trying to protect a piece of furniture (like your TV stand), or are you trying to keep your baby away from your six pack of beer? They have baby gates for everything.



If you have stairs at home, then baby proofing them should be a priority. Here are two options with great reviews. One of them, you have to drill into the side, which is great for security, and the other one can be attached to the rail without drilling:


Kidco Safeway Gate, Top of Stairs Gate, White

Dimensions: 24.75″-43.5″ W and 30.5″ H

This gate is designed for the top of the stairs, but can also be used in other parts of your house. Remember, this one has to be installed.

Click here for reviews and pricing 


No Hole Stairway Baby Gate Mounting Kit By Safety Innovations

Dimensions: 37 x 5 x 3 inches

This gate doesn’t need to be drilled, but you do need posts to secure the gate. The gate fits posts 2 3/4 to 3 5/8 inches.

Click here for reviews and pricing



If you are looking for longer gates, or even have an area where you can’t secure a gate to, then check out this gate with great reviews:

Summer Infant Custom Fit Walk-Thru Gate

It can fit openings of 65-86 inches and even goes to 96-141 inches while standing at 32 inches tall.

Click here for reviews and pricing



So once you’ve knocked the gate out of the way, you need to tackle the electrical outlets. Your baby is going to love sticking their fingers in here.

So the cheap route to go here is just buy a pack of those plastic outlet covers.


Don’t buy those!


Did you know that they pose a choking hazard to your little baby?

So don’t skimp out on this, and just get the type of covers below. Not only will they protect your baby, but your wife will love you for them because she will get nice new covers that will look nice with her home decor.

Mommy’s Helper Safe Plate Electrical Outlet Covers Standard, White

The top reviews for the sliding baby proof outlet covers are from this bran, Mommy’s Helper, and also Kidco. The Kidco brand seems to be cheaper and people complain the the covers are a little too small and don’t cover up the previous covers, leaving a small gap. The Mommy’s Helper brand seems to be better built. The one other complaint though, with these types of covers, is that some electrical gadgets don’t function the way they are supposed to because the connection isn’t strong enough.


Click here for reviews and pricing




Next on our baby proofing agenda is to make sure your baby doesn’t chop off their fingers with the doors.

Also, you may want something to keep them from going into a room while you aren’t around.

Door Monkey Door Lock and Pinch Guard


Click here for reviews and pricing

This door monkey is great. You don’t have to drill anything and you can move it up and down the door. It keeps your baby from going into a room or leaving.


And on top of that, it also functions as a pinch guard so they don’t slam their little fingers in the door.



There aren’t many options when it comes to keeping your baby from getting into your drawers. You either get a latch that you have to screw into your drawer or even your cabinet, or you get something that ties the drawer handles together.


Below are some choices with great reviews:


Spring Loaded Cabinet and Drawer Latch by Safety Innovations

Click here for reviews and pricing

This latch system from Safety Innovations seems to be the easiest to install. However, this latch uses the existing cabinet frame as the catch. So that means, if you have a frameless cabinet, this is not going to work.

Safety 1st SecureTech Cabinet Lock

Click here for reviews and price 


These are the main baby proofing tools you will need. There is always more to be on the lookout for in the home.


Below is a cool infographic to help you with more!




Good luck!

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